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School-based Software = Whole of Community Engagement

It is no surprise that a school-based Software will make your Administrators, Teachers and Staff lives a whole lot easier. But here’s the kicker, when you team up with a really clever, powerful, School Management and Portal Software that connects your whole community, then that’s a no-brainer!

We have no doubt that Small Schools face very similar challenges  to our big Schools, but how hard is it to find the right school management software, to not only suit your current situation but work with you as you grow and lets not talk about the Elephant in the Room, ‘at a price you can afford’.

The Alpha School System ‘TASS’ came up with a plan, lets partner with Cole School Experts!  That way, Cole can offer our software, to small schools at a price they can afford.  Cole already works with non-governmental Schools Australia wide; TASS can get on with their core business and Cole can provide a very powerful school management system, at a small School price. Brilliant!

It is clear that Small Schools see School Management Systems as a luxury they simply cannot afford. However, the cost of not investing in school specific software, see key staff, labouring for hours over collating data from spreadsheets and word documents, every time Government reporting is due. Their workload is endless.

Small Schools will often select stand-alone software, such as a student management software, adding a MYOB, Xero or possibly even spreadsheets, for finance and payroll support.  True, it can be cost effective but generally it adds to the workloads, mainly in finance, because it does not deal well with billing and sibling discounts, Financial Questionnaire, Census or Financial Reporting, with time consuming work arounds required.  It can also cause data issues when creating links between the data sets in the non-aligned products.

TASS’ Portals are ‘Legendary’!  Giving the user a multi- way communication between the School, Parents, Students and Staff.  Being web-based means the portals are available on multiple devices and wherever the user needs the information.

  • Parents are kept informed and engaged with their Child’s education and School life with the Parent Lounge.
  • Students expect their learning to be interactive and Student Café provides a managed environment for their academic journey.
  • Teacher Kiosk helps teachers connect with their Students and improve Student outcomes.

TASS’ Communication functionality has specialised tools to configure communication rules and ensure that the right people are receiving the right information at the right time.

Running a school is complex, but using fit for purpose software doesn’t need to be difficult. TASS offers straightforward, easy to use tools for tasks like processing government returns, tracking student attendance, medical details, timetable management, financial reporting and payroll compliance. Having student management systems in the same solution as the financial and payroll modules allows for streamlining your system needs into one strong central point of truth. The TASS Small School Solution offers users the best-of-breed functionality and user experience.

Cole School Experts and TASS have the experienced Helpdesk team on hand to assist and guide your school across all business operations and the corresponding modules. As there is no other software involved you know any solution given will flow across all sections of the software and your business processes.  A simplified process across a centralised range of solutions, improving productivity and efficiency.

TASS makes Finance easy, combining an accounting package with school management allowing the school’s business office, to leverage student data within a single system. TASS can be the backbone of your operations with Student, Finance and Payroll / HRM modules.

TASS is a 100% web-based solution, giving you access to your systems whenever and wherever you may be.

With the Small School Solution, top tier software is now available no matter how small a school maybe. A BIG software for small budgets!

TASS is a school sector best-practice software that your school can secure from Cole School Experts for a small school price. If your school is under 300 enrolments, contact us to organise a demonstration. If, however, you are a school over 300 enrolments call TASS direct.