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Inefficient Processes of Data and Compliance with Security Standards

Often schools have, over the years, outgrown the basic manual processes originally put in place which are also frequently operated by the same personnel. When these staff move-on or retire, the inefficiency and lack of documentation of these processes is highlighted acutely as they remain an essential element of the school administration but no one else has the time or understands the process to run them.

Piles of paper documents, manual transfer of forms around campus for written signatures and copious macro running spreadsheets remain the back-bone of many school Finance and Administration processes. In the modern environment of red-tape, compliance and data protection this scenario is not ideal and very difficult for Business Managers to control effectively.

This has been emphasised in recent times with the disruption caused by the pandemic and ‘great resignation’ turmoil, where many school staff are having to work online from home ad-hoc without warning or even leaving employment and taking with them years of knowledge and experience of processes.

So, what solutions are available to schools to address these challenges?

Schools are encouraged to commence or continue on their journey of digital transformation by automated efficient processes and workflows. As with any successful business, a school must develop systems so that any finance or administration task functions exactly the same way every time. Rather than the school doing the same thing because it has always done it that way for many years, Leaders must build workflows around business processes, not people. Build systems for each school administrational function and then let these effective automated systems be the back-bone of the school and the school staff operate and develop the systems. When staff leave or new appointments are made it doesn’t matter because the systems still operate as designed. Also, schools must not be distracted from the development of their digital transformation by cost or time commitments because often the cost of in-action and continuing with inefficient processes is more than the investment required to innovate and automate!

Kenton Newall joined the Cole School Experts team in January 2019 to help drive the growth of the business and support services offered to schools. He has significant experience in a range of professional fields embracing his training as a professionally qualified accountant and experience in management and most recently as a Business Manager in an independent K-12 school. Kenton has spent more than 20 years in various commercial, client-services and not-for-profit businesses, improving the effectiveness of systems, increasing business performance and instigating strategic planning processes. This business experience, mixed with the services offered by the Cole School Experts team, means Kenton can work with clients to find solutions and systems to support their needs.