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Sustaining Strong Enrolments Through School Fees

Feesable, through their innovative School Fee Calculator, have been working with schools to help them build trust with families, generate more enquiries and ultimately sustain strong enrolments.

recent article published by Feesable explains how engaging early and effectively with prospective families is crucial for schools to sustain strong enrolments and create positive brand experiences.

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Data shows that parents are thinking about the cost of education years ahead of enrolment, hence they will be seeking information on fees early in their enrolment journey – engaging early and effectively on school fees will build the integrity of your school brand and establish trust early on, which will ultimately set your school apart and help to boost enrolments. Read the full article to learn more about engaging with families through transparent and meaningful school fee experiences –

Feesable has also recently partnered with PCSchool in an effort to help schools to create an ecosystem of products and services that enable them to deliver superior customer service and achieve efficiencies. Read more about the recent partnership with PCSchool and Feesable –