EdSmart is the organisation behind smarter schools. By liberating school communities from paperwork – and replacing that paperwork with


flexible, digital forms and workflows – EdSmart helps schools get back to what matters most: teaching their students.

The EdSmart School Organisation System (SOS) is a user-friendly, online platform that streamlines workflows, responsibilities and compliance for any number of events, tasks and consents that a school may need to perform on a daily basis. Previously, these administrative duties often resulted in endless paper trails, EdSmart’s SOS unifies them in a secure and intuitive cloud-based environment where data is instantly accessible for those who need it, and accurately sorted according to the school’s requirements.

EdSmart is the third pillar in a school’s data stack, sitting alongside and integrating with the Student Management System (SMS/SIS) and Learning Management System (LMS).

With EdSmart’s SOS at the heart of a school’s administration hub, substantial amounts of time and money are saved, productivity and general staff wellbeing are increased, and sustainability practices are enhanced. Schools simply run better with EdSmart.