Accounting & Finance

Effortless accounting, backed by a supportive team of experts

Our area of expertise is vast and ever expanding because of our detailed understanding of Schools.

We are in Schools and work side by side with staff at all levels. This gives us unique hands-on experience and knowledge that enables us to create a consulting service specific to your School’s financial requirements.  School Experts and Strategic Partners!

All around Australia and New Zealand, school finance teams are struggling to cope with limited resources and even smaller budgets. They’re spending hours wrangling clunky or outdated accounting systems and trying to find time to train up new staff.

Accounting & Finance

Our School Accounting Experts also have commercial experience, providing business acumen while understanding the complexities of Schools.

Sound familiar? We can help.

Cole School Experts have been partnering with schools for over two decades. When you work with us, we’ll act as an extension of your team — whether you need a quick fix or a long-term solution, we won’t leave you floundering a few months after implementation. Instead, we’ll be by your side from the moment you need us, with regular check-ins and a dedicated consultant who’s always happy to take your call.

Our expertise spans a variety of finance roles, from accountants, finance officers and more. No matter your struggles, we’re confident that we have the team to get you on the right track — and fast. Our school accounting experts also have commercial experience, providing acumen, while also understanding the complexities of schools.

How we can help

Our solutions are built specifically for schools of all sizes, and the simple truth is, they work. We’ll dig into your current processes and systems to discover what’s working, and where you can improve.

Far from overwhelming you with changes, we’re incredibly practical: creating a strategy with sustainable milestones that will, over time, completely transform the way your school finance operation runs. Our solutions include:

Cole’s accounting expertise is all encompassing. If you have a particular need, just ask.

Software coupled with support

Accounting Tools

Not only can we help get your finance operations sorted, but we can also set you up with the best tools to do your job. Whether you’re spending valuable time managing spreadsheets, creating budgets or figuring out your cash flow forecasts, we’ll guide you to a system that can take the work off your plate.

Keen to get started? One of the Cole School Experts can advise you on exactly how to get back on the road to success.

We don’t just write reports — we implement solutions!

Based on our own models, Cole can provide customised accounting tools specific to your School’s operations:

We don’t write reports, we implement solutions!

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