Virtual Cash & Fees Management

Compassionate and respectful school debt management. Build a payment culture in your parent community.

Outsourcing your Debtor Management is simply Smart Business!

There are dozens of reasons families can fall behind on fees. At Cole School Experts, we understand that debtor management is a time-consuming task that is tricky to carry out — particularly when staff have meaningful relationships with the families they serve.

Instead, schools around Australia are engaging us to collect tuition fees on their behalf. Our team members are empathetic and respectful to families while also highly successful at establishing a payment culture within the parent community.

Outsourcing to Cole School Experts’ Debtor Managers

Our debtor managers will start the process by systematically working through your Debtor Aged Trial balance. From there, we will be able to categorise each debt according to risk and then communicate with the associated family. We will either negotiate a mutually agreeable repayment schedule or, in rare cases, advise your team if the debt requires escalation.

Each quarter, we’ll provide you with a report of our key findings and collection statistics. We can also advise you on updates to your Terms and Conditions or tuition billing system if we discover they are not serving your school. When our debtor managers work for you, it’s the only job they do — with no distractions.

Get started with debt management technology

Our systems are virtual, acting on behalf of your school, combined with the human touch of a compassionate Cole School Experts Debtor Manager. After a few months of working with us, your school will see many improvements, including

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of working with Cole School Experts, we’d love to hear from you. We can walk you through our debtor management processes and ensure our solution is right for your situation.

We don’t just collect debts — we implement solutions!

When the Debtor Manager is working for your school, it is the only job they do… no distractions!

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