Health Checks

School technology audits that ensure your systems and processes are in tip-top shape

Our team of experts can initiate vision and direction, empower and motivate people to success. Project & Strategic Management is big picture thinking.

Dealing with redundant software modules, inaccurate data and inefficient workflows? You’re not alone.

Every day, we work with schools who know their student, finance and payroll information systems aren’t quite up to scratch — but aren’t sure what to do about it.

Our team can perform a thorough health check, looking over your setup and make sure you are making the best use of your software investment. We’ll look at your processes, documentation, integrations, existing data and automation to determine the best solution, custom designed for your school operation.

From there, you’ll be supported by our experts to create a plan to make the changes you need to get your systems running like a well-oiled machine. Our specialists have been working with schools of all sizes to create actionable strategies that save valuable time and resources well into the future.

How our health checks work

Our health checks are custom-designed to ensure your systems and processes are working at their best to support your school. Depending on your needs, we can look at a complete finance system, or focus on particular datasets, modules, workflows or reporting outputs. A popular health check we complete for schools is on their Payroll and HR systems where data accuracy and compliance are paramount.

We’ll systematically work through crucial areas that may be impacting your operations, including:

From there, we can map out your school’s operational processes, establish a review cycle and consult with relevant users and leaders. We’ll present our findings to your school leaders in a report, presentation or workshop — the choice is yours!

System audits backed by expert support

At Cole School Experts, we don’t leave you to implement our recommendations on your own. We have plenty of support options available, all ready to be tailored to your needs and budget. From complete project management to software advisory, we can help get your school systems running smoothly.

Keen to get started? One of the Cole School Experts can help organise your first software health check.

We don’t just perform audits — we implement solutions!

Cole’s knowledge and unique hands-on experience, enables our Project Consultants to help you transform your business. We have the expertise to assist you with a range of projects, such as Financial Health Checks, process mapping and architecture, financial system plans, design and implementation, asset audits, demographic analysis, building project management, strategic planning etc. We don’t write reports, we implement solutions!

Consulting Projects

Cole’s Project Managers use the project management life cycle to achieve objectives.  No matter the size of the project, we use the same methodology. We can help you re-engineer and transform your business processes.

We don’t write reports, we implement solutions!

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