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Streamline your processes with the best software for your situation

Cole has strategic alliances and extensive experience with school systems.

Cole has strategic collaborations with the major software houses in the school sector which, in conjunction with our extensive experience with school systems, enables our Software Professional Services team of experts to support every K-12 school optimise the use of their software and systems.

Automation and innovation are the key to giving your school a competitive edge at an affordable price. There is an abundance of software solutions on the market built specifically for schools. And the best news? Most of them integrate, which means you can update one system, and it will automatically update all of your other systems, keeping your entire ecosystem up to date at all times.

We’ve built strong partnerships with the major software providers in Australia and abroad and can advise you on tailored solutions, adapted to your situation. We can support you in implementing new systems, training up key staff, performing regular health checks and helping you with reporting.

Investing in school automation software

When you partner with Cole School Experts, we’ll start by going through your processes and reviewing your current software to ensure you’re getting the best use out of your systems. Rather than completely overhauling your procedures, we’ll support you to make efficiencies, extract the required data out of your current software and ensure all your systems are set up correctly and integrated.

If you’re not happy with your current solution or would like to invest in new software, we can advise you on other products that may suit your needs.

Kickstart your systems with Cole School Experts

Investing in the best solution is only the first step towards genuinely transforming your processes. Once you’ve selected the right program for your needs, we can work alongside your provider to seamlessly implement the system into your business.

Our goal is to ensure your processes aren’t disrupted as we switch over, so we’ll:

Partner with Cole School Experts to keep your systems in check for the long term

Often schools are worried that they will be investing in a new system, only to find that it falls into disrepair or dysfunction after a few years. At Cole School Experts, we’ll provide you with all of the tools you need to make the most of your software, from setting up a health check schedule to helping your team with their reporting requirements.

As new staff come aboard, you may find it hard to train them in the new systems. When this happens, the Cole School Experts team can organise specialised one-on-one training or webinars to keep your whole team’s knowledge up-to-date.

Ready to get started with software professional services? Make sure you talk to the friendly and experienced team at Cole School Experts.

We don’t just know software — we implement solutions!

There a number of school specific software products available for schools that provide solutions for the requirements of operating a school from Finance, Payroll, Students and Families to Curriculum. We have the experience and expertise to help your school select, implement and train in a software solution that best fits your school’s specific requirements. Changing software solutions and reinvesting in an alternative product is not always necessary.

As an independent service provider, Cole School Experts’ position is clear; we will not enter into any discussion with regards to recommending any school to change its software on the basis that the school has selected school specific software. Our role is to ensure schools achieve the best use of the software they have invested in, to improve processes and efficiencies, extract the required data accurately and to have the software work across all modules to the limits of the software’s capacity and beyond with connectivity to third party applications.

If requested by the school, our experts can independently advise during a new solution project, provide system comparisons, and assist with alternative solution reporting to Leadership, Finance and IT Committees.

What are some of the benefits of engaging with our Software Professional Services team?

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