Cole has strategic alliances and extensive experience with school systems.

Without data you’re just another person with an opinion…use your data to tell a story!

Schools are required to manage and report on a whole range of data.

The school Student and Finance Information Systems play a critical part in the accuracy and effectiveness of these reports. Being able to extract and report with accurate data is an absolute priority in the effective management of the school. Business Managers and their teams must easily be able to provide the information required, when required. The format of the reports is essential too. All reports must be presented in visually pleasing format, must be suitable for the stakeholder audience and must tell a clear story with a balance of summary and depth of information. Schools need timely and accurate reports that looks forward and helps Leadership make decisions and this is not always possible by just using the standard reports from the systems.

How can Cole’s Software Professional Services team help? We can work with your team and systems to help develop:

To discuss how we can assist with telling your school’s story, call our Software Professional Services team on 1300 123 404.

Cole School Experts also partner with Somerset Education who provide a suite of financial reporting models for schools. Follow the link to find out more.


Strategic Partner, Makeen Technologies, provides data collection, data storage and data visualization services through their product makeen transform and Microsoft Power BI while utilizing the data storage capabilities of both Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and Google Cloud Platform. They understand the back-end of school ERPs like TASS and can pull data for reporting through Power BI and Google Data Studio. Follow the links to find out more.


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