Cole has strategic alliances and extensive experience with school systems.

Maximise your user experience!

Software training doesn’t finish after the first week of installation when the software provider has left the building. Often schools only receive the minimum training initially to get users and the system up and running.

Combine the software, school and finance experience of our Software Professional Services team to provide your team bespoke training to your school’s specific needs. In collaboration with our Strategic Partners, we provide training to schools nationally on a variety of school-based systems both virtually online or onsite at your premises. Some of the reasons schools engage us to provide software training are:

Do you know if you are using the full functionality of your software, are your workflows the most efficient, would your team benefit from training from experts who know their software and how their roles function in a school?

Call our Software Professional Services team on 1300 123 404 to discuss your training needs.

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