Walter Brooke

Boldly ambitious and united in our desire to make a real difference for our clients.

Walter Brooke is a studio of talented and experienced design professionals, and we are proud of our ability to create fantastic spaces for living, working, learning


and playing. Over 40 plus years we have accumulated expertise across a diverse range of sectors, evolving into a confident and assured contemporary practice. Our staff has a healthy blend of enthusiasm and experience, pragmatism and creativity.

Education is a key sector of our work at Walter Brooke. Ian Hore and Carolyn Oades lead Walter Brooke education portfolio work and Ian and Carolyn are active members of Learning Environments Australasia (LEA). LEA brings together educators and designers and Ian and Carolyn have through LEA conferences been able to visit innovative schools in all Australian States and Territories, New Zealand and Singapore. This continuing commitment to research and learning is applied to our project

An educational physical environment communicates that institution’s identity to an extended community of students, staff, families and the general public, and can be a powerful tangible expression of its vision and mission. Each new building development exists not in isolation but as a part of the complex holistic experience of the facility and its educational philosophy. Spaces for learning give a clear insight into the unique culture, values, attitudes and educational choices espoused by the facility.

Strong client relationships and personalised service still underpin our approach today, and each new project is tackled with an exploratory spirit, with fresh, intelligent thinking. We pride ourselves on our reputation as excellent problem-solvers, but we are much more than this – we create delightful spaces.

Walter Brooke has the capability to provide a full range of service including:

Walter Brooke is well respected within the South Australian Architectural and Construction Industries and we have a well-established and broad network embracing Clients, Consultants, Contractors, Suppliers and peers.

Please contact Carolyn Oades or Ian Hore on 08 8272 4166.